Throwing Shade #62: Heat Waves and Masturbating Tattoos

The heat wave exposed Erin to a man with a masturbating tattoo and Bryan to a move-in situation with his boyfriend. In important-er news, Nicholas Sparks, soft-focus romance purveyor, opened a school for white straight Christians in linen only and Erin reads Alabama to filth for going too far in the pro-life battle.


Throwing Shade #61: Communes & Vagina Massage

Ever had an earth witch on a commune stand across from you and massage herself from legs to vagina to chest without breaking eye contact? Then you and Erin have a ton in common this week! Also, a lesbian teacher was fired for getting pregnant and did you know only 10% of statues in the U.S. are of women? Sad but true but dumb.


Throwing Shade #60: Clown Sex & Hustlers

Would you have sex in clown makeup for $50? No, that’s not the plot of Dolphin Tale 2; it’s an actual bet Bryan made with Erin. Plus, did you know Caesar and Nero were bottoms? All that and more on this episode of Throwing Shade!


Throwing Shade #58: Ice Bucket Challenge & Tanlines

Erin challenged Bryan to throw ice for ALS! Instead he’s just gonna write them a check. Also, Michelle Duggar of ‘19 Kids and Counting’ said some incredibly stupid things about trans women. And finally, indie super-duo Tanlines drops by! Also, can you climax standing up?


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Throwing Shade #57: Disneyland & the Secret App

Bryan took a Lyft for the first time! It was as delightful as an emu leg in Disneyland. Meanwhile, Erin reveals that women get waaay less financial loans for businesses than men do, and Bryan discusses a new poll revealing how LGBTs feel about religion.


Throwing Shade #56: Breast-Feeding & Truvada

Watch Bryan and Erin tackle this week’s hottest hot-button issues, from breast-feeding in public to the new HIV prevention pill to society’s lack of appreciation for the woman in the awesome pantsuit from Superman II.


Throwing Shade #55: Nicki Minaj & Cocaine

First and most importantly, Erin went to a place called Nevada City and did drugs in a teepee. Less importantly, a man was fired from his job for using the word “homophone” on Facebook and Nicki Minaj is making people upset for the cover art on her new song “Anaconda” because she shows her buns, hun. Get ready for the two worst Nicki Minaj impressions ever!


Throwing Shade #54: Lesbian Sex Positions & Madonna

Since when are dudes the ones in charge of picking out your lipstick and tampons? Since forever! Plus, Cosmo went equal-opportunity with their crazy sex advice by profiling 28 mind-blowing sex positions for lesbians. But where’s the vulva again?!


Throwing Shade #50: Hobby Lobby and Musical Guest Rhett Miller

Erin and Bryan discuss Hobby Lobby’s birth-control controversy, and enjoy a visit from Rhett Miller¬†of Old 97’s,¬†who plays a song and dishes about Axl Rose wearing a muumuu while getting a foot massage.