Billy on the Street Emmy Edition with Seth Meyers!!!

Emmy Awards host Seth Meyers joins Billy Eichner for a blistering round of everyone’s favorite pop-trivia game, For a Dollar!

Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street in HD on Amazon!
Listen up, Billy Eichner fans! All 3 seasons of Billy on the Street are now available on Amazon in their full HD glory! 

Billy Plays “Would Drew Barrymore Like That?” with Drew Barrymore!

Watch Drew Barrymore, star of new comedy ‘Blended,’ and Billy Eichner compete to see who knows more about Drew Barrymore!



Jennifer seems like a lot of fun, even when she’s getting Quizzed in the Face!

Billy on the Street: Ask A Squirter


Billy on the Street: For a Dollar with Elena

Everyone’s favorite Billy on the Street contestant is back! Elena joins Billy Eichner for a very special version of For a Dollar!


Who’s the Most Famous Person Sean Hayes Can Get on His Phone?

Billy Eichner gives Sean Hayes 60 seconds to get a famous friend on the phone. He doesn’t disappoint.


Billy and Olivia Wilde: John Mayer or Pepé Le Pew?

Olivia Wilde returns to Billy on the Street to talk marathon sex and play Billy Eichner's latest trivia game, “John Mayer or Pepé Le Pew,” which is harder than it sounds.


Billy on the Street: The Meryl-Go-Round!

Billy Eichner pulls out all the props with an insane triathlon dedicated to the life and career of Meryl Streep!


Billy on the Street with Patton Oswalt: Does Shakira Know What this Is?

Patton Oswalt joins Billy Eichner for a new game that attempts to get inside the mind of Shakira.